Technology products and services present opportunities to tap into unrealized profit potential which, in many cases, can be several times greater than current sales. To help close this gap and transform marketing performance, Point2Point Group applies innovative analysis techniques at different stages of marketing development and execution.

Our collaborative approach helps us learn about our clients' business requirements and deliver services that exceed their expectations. Our full range of analysis, creative, development, and production services enables us to deliver highly effective solutions that fulfill our clients' need to realize immediate, profitable results.
Assessing the value of your brand and the competitive benefits of your products and services is the first step in defining a marketing strategy. Point2Point Group offers strategy consulting services that include marketing mission development, market segmentation and positioning, new product planning, and sales and channel strategy development.
A successful integrated marketing plan effectively coordinates your marketing efforts to generate targeted sales. Our marketing planning services replace conjecture with research-based identification not only of the best markets to pursue but of the best prospects in those markets. We build on-going marketing campaigns and develop industry exposure through direct mail marketing, email marketing, public relations, and trade journal publications.
Building upon the integrated marketing planning effort, comprehensive marketing communications involve more than just an advertising campaign. Successful communication ensures consistency of message and the complementary use of online and offline marketing channels, such as e-marketing programs and use of the latest web media. Point2Point Group develops targeted marketing communication that maximizes the marketing impact on consumer perception.
With the emergence and growth of the Internet and e-business, marketing design and planning continue to undergo sweeping transformations. This revolution is driven in part by the way in which e-marketing has the potential both to change the marketplace and alter the notions of competitive advantage in the virtual market.
Aligning Your Marketing Strategy Along the E-business Advantage addresses the evolving nature of online markets and ways in which we help our clients leverage continuous marketing in an e-business environment.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your specific marketing needs and offer our analysis and execution services. Contact us to start your engagement with Point2Point Group.

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