IBM Austin Research Laboratory
CHALLENGE: Austin Research Laboratory (ARL) desired to establish a stronger presence within IBM and among the high-performance computing community. In response to competitive pressure, ARL requested a targeted marketing strategy and corresponding messaging to distinguish its simulation tools.
SOLUTION: We performed an extensive marketing audit for the team, which included assessing the competitive and market landscape. Based on this review, we successfully identified ways in which ARL could differentiate its offering from its competitors. We also created a series of communication methods to convey this message, including the white paper (link at right).

AWARE Software
CHALLENGE: AWARE Software, an software services firm targeting hardware organizations, had expanded its offering to address a new category of service that combined its core offering with advanced capabilities for its enterprise customers. To address this strategic growth, AWARE needed to shape a brand identity that both clearly communicated its new mission and enabled AWARE executives to convey the firm's value proposition quickly and effectively.
SOLUTION: Point2Point Group streamlined the firm's market presence by defining corporate messaging guidelines, developing a visual vocabulary of photo-imagery to reflect its new brand, and incorporating the corporate message throughout its marketing system. The new marketing literature included a series of executive presentations that clearly communicated the value of AWARE Software value in its consumer space.

Kapow Technologies
CHALLENGE: Kapow Technologies, a leading technology services provider for harvesting web intelligence, intended to expand its product portfolio with the strategic launch of Kapow OnDemand, the industry's first web data access and extraction SaaS offering. The Kapow OnDemand team needed to define and communicate the product objectives, positioning, and messaging of its newly developed on-demand technology.
SOLUTION: Point2Point Group created a communication system that incorporated the overall corporate messaging in the unique product positioning created for Kapow OnDemand. We emphasized their product's distinctive and competitive position in the market and developed information that enabled new users to quickly integrate with the on-demand community to contribute content and tools that all Kapow customers could access.

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